Crystallite Bathtubs, Basins & Vanities

Velvety touch similar to natural stone

Modern Bathroom featuring crystallite bath and basinsThe Hills United brand has been present in the sanware industry since 1992 in various different statutory and trading formats.

There are two companies in the current group ie. Bathtubs and Vanities SA (Pty) Ltd and Ablington Trading CC Trading as West Projects.

Bathtubs and Vanities SA (Pty) Ltd (BVSA) was formed in July 2011 and is privately owned by individuals. The bath, basins and vanities operations of the group are located in this company. The products are manufactured from a material called Crystallite™ This material was developed by Allen who owns the registered title to the name and to which BVSA has unfettered usage rights.

This company is located in the Durbanville Industrial Park in Cape Town and is in the process of building expanded premises which are expected to house the operations from around March 2013. The company sources all its raw material from South African suppliers and currently employs 20 people. The company designs products, constructs its own moulds and manufactures products which are distributed to retailers, building contractors and individuals all around South Africa. It complies with all statutory business requirements necessary. The company qualifies as an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) and is thus 100% BBBEE compliant.

Allen (40), a qualified engineer, has been in the sanware industry since 1992 and is well connected all around the country in this industry. He has, over the years, assisted most of the major sanware operators in developing their various businesses.

Mike (55), a chartered accountant, spent most of his working career in big corporate groups at FD level and is now an independent financial consultant but with a primary focus on this sanware business.

Both partners are actively involved in all operational matters of the company.

West Projects has been trading in the sanware industry since 2001. The business relocated from Port Elizabeth in July 2009 and has operated primarily in the stainless steel accessory market in recent years.

This close corporation is owned by the Hills family, is managed by Allen and is situated on a smallholding in Joostenbergvlakte outside Cape Town.

All products are manufactured from 304 stainless steel and are machined on CNC machines operated by local employees. The close corporation currently employs 5 people. All raw materials are locally sourced and the CC qualifies for the "Proudly South African" status. The company qualifies as an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) and is thus 100% BBBEE compliant.


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